Forty cats found in house after death of owner

The cats, aged from six months, were living in the home and outbuildings at Breasclete on Lewis.

Around 40 cats have been found alone at a home in the Western Isles after the death of their owner.

The cats, aged from six months to elderly, were living throughout the home and outbuildings at Breasclete on Lewis.

Local group, Western Isles Support for Cats and Kittens (Wisck), was called by a neighbor who was feeding the pets.

The charity said none of the cats had been neutered and some showed obvious signs of injury.

“With any colony that is living as if it was feral, if a female cat is available, male cats will fight and there are obvious signs of where the male cats have been fighting each other,” Annie Delin from Wisck told Scotland’s Lunchtime Live programme.

“We have discovered now about 40 cats and we believe they have been on their own for a while. It could be some injuries have also been caused by them being outside and looking for food.”


Wisck has appealed for help and donations to care for the cats.

The group said in a social media post they were “unbelievably grateful and humbled by the outpouring of support” but the cats were “nowhere near ready for adoption” yet.

Pregnant females will be taken into care until their kittens are born. Adult cats, once neutered, will be appraised for where they go next.

Wisck vice chairwoman Karen Cowan added: “This is going to be a huge undertaking for us and will stretch our resources to the absolute limit.

“The practicalities of catching and transporting all the cats to and from vets and fosters are going to dominate our volunteers’ time.

“Some of the cats will already be pregnant, with kitten season due to begin any time.”

She added that veterinary treatment for cats that needed it would be first priority, then the adults would be neutered.

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