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Pakistani actress Nadia Hussain Reveals How Her Kids Are Learning Quranic Teachings

Nadia Hussain is a supermodel turned actress and business woman. She owns salons and has her own makeup brands. Apart from all this, she is also mom to four beautiful kids. Nadia has checked all boxes to be a superwoman and she shares her experiences with her fans often.

Nadia Hussain was a guest at PTV’s Ramadan transmission hosted by Ahsan Khan and she shared some insights how her kids are learning Quran and not just reading it. She said her older two kids have already completed the recitation of whole Quran and she urges her kids to learn Quran with translation, be it in English as they are more comfortable in that language medium. She also revealed that she urges her kids to listen to a para everyday with translation.

This is Nadia sharing how her kids are learning Quran on Ahsan Khan’s transmission: