The video of a man’s scary paragliding accident in Austria is going viral across social media platforms.

The point of view viral video, shared on the social media application YouTube, saw the adventure seeker waiting to be launched during the paragliding act.

However, it did not go to plan. The man’s expedition went awry. He took flight before getting slammed onto the fence.

The ordeal did not end there. He got swept away and kept on flying. It finally came to an end after hitting the tree and getting stuck on one of its branches.

The man, who posted the video, admitted to not being severely injured.

“A dust devil caught me while waiting for launch with my paraglider,” he said. “I got smacked around and ended up in a tree. I was not severely injured during this incident. My paraglider however was very badly damaged by the tree.”

Earlier, a man got pulled up in the sky owing to pressure from gusty winds when he was assisting two people attached to a paragliding aircraft.

An instructor and a student were strapped into a paragliding aircraft and dressed in all the suitable gear.

The instructor was strapping belts around the student before the wind blew them up in a dangerous way that the teacher remained hanging onto the front of the harness as the paragliders get higher and higher.

However, the pilot of the aircraft acted sensibly and drag it to a lower altitude, helping the man to jump to a safe location. Fortunately, the ground worker was unharmed in the incident.